Leading Remotely With Engagement and Productivity

If you did not know, my dissertation topic was on virtual/remote leadership. Yes, I studied all sorts of leadership, but my focus was on leaders with remote teams. I will not go into detail on my research, but here are some strategies to help you lead remotely during the Coronavirus.

1. Schedule weekly individual and team video conference meetings

The most productive form of communication will be face-to-face; however, with all the different video conferencing ways, you can still achieve the face-to-face richness, without being in person. Schedule weekly check-ins via zoom, skype, Facebook, Facetime, etc. with your team members and the whole team.

2. Use SMART communication

Make sure that your correspondence via email is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific. For example, “John, I need you to complete your timesheet by 5 p.m. Thursday and send it to Anna and copy me.”