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President & CEO of Faithful Consulting

With an unwavering commitment to social good and a remarkable skill set in building, managing, and leading businesses in coaching, training, and consulting, our visionary leader stands at the forefront of transformative change.

Driven by a passion for making a positive impact, Yengyee has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential. Their expertise in delivering career, life, business, and executive leadership coaching and consulting has guided countless professionals towards unprecedented success and fulfillment.


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Yengyee's story

Yengyee has managed, and led a business focused on coaching, training, and consulting. She provides career, life, business, and executive leadership coaching, along with various other services

Faithful Consulting is dedicated to making a social change impact in workplaces. We connect with individuals and organizations, listen to their challenges, and strategize solutions. Our ACE approach includes being Adventurous, pushing outside comfort zones to uncover biases; being Heart-Centered, prioritizing people in project and change management; and striving for Excellence in delivering quality and value.


As President, she leads a full-time business in coaching, training, and consulting, providing services such as leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness. 

At Faithful Consulting, we are dedicated to helping organizations thrive by driving positive change and creating impactful outcomes. We are committed to excellence, compassion, and the belief that genuine connections and strategic problem-solving can shape a better future for workplaces and communities alike.



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