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Strategies To Lead Under Pressure

The measure of a person's leadership is not when things are going smoothly, but when they face difficulties. In these moments, decisions and actions taken will characterize your leadership.

James B. Martino stated, "“We will each face times of difficulty, and the question is not when we will face them but how we will face them."

Where a leader stands, how a leader position themselves, and what they do exposes their leadership. This article will help leaders compose themselves confidently under pressure.

1. Take silence

Use silence strategically to pause and collect your thoughts, filter your emotions, and center yourself. The sense of urgency is a state of mind and energy. Slow your mind and the energy inside and around you. Silence is like pulling back the sling-shot, an advantageous shot forms with focus.

2. Actively discern

Actively discerning is the ability to absorb all information through your senses, ring out unnecessary or irrelevant materials, and move to action. It is active because you are not selective when consuming but after absorbing, synthesizing, and understanding the information. It is discerning because you will make a decision based on the data you have.

3. Take action

Once you have a resolution, take action. Move swiftly and meaningfully to resolve the issue. Monitor the progress and reconvene as needed.

4. Follow-up

Always follow-up on the plan even after completion and reflect on the event. Take lessons, give credit and feedback, and record summary. Follow-up is a two-step process, one in which you are following up with yourself and making sure you align with your truth, celebrate your wins, and take lessons to grow. The second step is accountability to others as a leader. The follow-up process is the same but done as a team.

I hope these four steps help you in crucial times where your leadership is most needed. Please leave me any comments or questions. I would also love to see how these strategies work for you.

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