Coming To Terms With My Enemy

Person A: He hasn't texted me back.

Person B: He is cheating on you.

Person A: Maybe he is busy.

Person B: How can he be busy, he was just on!

Person A: That is true. I do see that he read my text 2 minutes ago.

Person B: Told you so! He doesn't really care about you. He is keeping his options open.

Person A: I guess he doesn't really care about me.

Person A and Person B is one person. Our minds are continually chatting, and if you listen long enough, you will convince yourself that your fears are valid. It is very reasonable to have these thoughts. They are thoughts that come from a story we created about a scenario we saw or heard. The scenario above was created because the boyfriend didn't text her back within an amount of time she felt was reasonable and based on stored information from her experiences, knowledge, skepticism, fears, etc. she made up a story that is the worst case scenario for her, which is, her boyfriend cheating on her. We are wired to predict and protect ourselves from painful, harmful, and life-threatening events, so these thoughts appear to be self-protecting but are more harmful than helpful.

It was coming to terms with my enemy; these thoughts that were self-defeating, paralyzing, instigating, and harming that allowed me to live fully in my power. First, it started with the realization that everything involves, started, and ended with me.