The Courage of a Four Year Old Knows No Boundaries!

Written November 7, 2015 and updated May 9, 2018:

As I was watching/recording my four-year old girl go out and perform her best in the 25 yard freestyle and backstroke and attempt a relay for the first time ever, I thought to myself, her courage knows no boundaries. She is SO brave. How can I be as brave as her?

If you know me, you'll know that I'm deathly fearful of deep water. If I can't touch the bottom of the pool, I panic, get anxious, and start drowning (literally). (I'm sure it's related to my first swim lessons ever in my life, 7th grade swim class, where they threw me in the deep pool, expected me to swim, and pass the swim test (I failed by the way)...yeah works for some people but not a result, I have symptoms of PTSD).

I have some basic swimming skills but as soon as I realize that the water is getting deep, my mind goes into panic-mode and my body shut all basic knowledge of swimming down. Some of you may not relate to this but could relate to this feeling occurring before or during a job interview, major test, trying to court a beautiful girl, presentation in front of a class, etc.