Hello, my name is Yengyee, and I am the Founder and President of Faithful Consulting but so much more than that, I am all about social change and elevating people. Therefore, I like to consider myself a social change agent. I have two kids and love traveling and fitness. My favorite weather is warm; favorite destination, natural wonders; favorite color, green; and my why is people. 


Hello, my name is Jensine Lee. I am a future Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. I am passionate about Talent and Development and creating a positive environment wherever I am. I hope one day I will be able to help others find their passion and excel in their field. In my free time, I love love to travel. I have been to Vancouver, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul (hopefully more places in the future). I love immersing myself in the countries' culture and learning more about the different traditions and their way of life.